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Notice: Texas state law requires real estate licensees provide the following disclosure relating to real estate brokerage services to potential clients and customers:
Information on Brokerage Services - OP-K.pdf

Notice:  Per Texas Real Estate Commission Rules Section 535.154 Advertising, payments of any rebates are subject to the consent of the party the real estate licensee is representing in the transaction.  Depending on the services provided, restrictions may apply.  In some cases, the real  estate licensee may receive compensation when referring to other  licensees.

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Hinterland Solution Network

The Hinterland Solution Network is an elite group of pre-approved brokers, vendors, suppliers, trustees, and other specialty roles that combine their core competencies and value propositions into one cost-effective solution for mutual clients and customers.  By leveraging today’s process flow technology, the Hinterland Solution Network can reduce costs while improving services through automated monitoring and measurement of adherence to proven predefined processes. 

Network partners collaborate through meticulous planning, statistical quality process control, just-in-time delivery, forecasting of the economic order quantity, and labor specialization.

When synergy occurs, these collective resources simply mean improved quality, lower cost, and a substantially reduced variability to client objectives and customer requirements.

To inquire on applying to become an approved Hinterland Solution Network vendor, please click here..